About Us

ACK6 Inc. is based in Phoenix, Arizona. We are constantly evaluating products to develop. If you have a need for an “off-the-shelf” solution that would simplify your life, we would be pleased to hear from you.

ACK6 Inc. designs and develops all its own products. We can apply that expertise in offering you a full range of electronic design and firmware services that can be helpful in several areas.

  • To help you customize ACK6 Inc. products for your own application or branding.
  • To help you design your own OEM product and provide manufacture and stocking services so you can buy off the shelf as required.
  • To reprogram or adapt an existing product to add new features or functionality.



Mission Statement

To develop robust embedded products that meet the functionality requirements of our customers.



To boost our customers productivity with “off-the-shelf” solutions.


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